Why is MSVIA switching to the use of the MSVIA Portal?

The Portal will make the ability to access your policy documents more efficient and secure. You will be able to access your documents at any time – you will not need to wait to contact us during business hours.

How do I log in to the Portal?

From MSVIA’s website, click “Client Portal.” The first time you log into the portal, you will create your account and set your password. In order to create an account, you will need a policy number of a current, active policy, plus your email address and phone number (both should be ones used to conduct business with MSVIA).

Why don’t I see all of my policies?

Policies are being added to the Portal as they come up for renewal. Some policies may have not renewed yet since the Portal was launched, but once it has, your policy will be available.

How will I know when documents are ready to be retrieved from the Portal?

The Primary Contact will receive an email from MSVIA advising that a new document(s) has been added to the Portal.

How do I know the Portal is secure?

Using a cloud service provides peace of mind knowing you’re always accessing the most up to date software, which means increased data security. In addition to these protections, the MSVIA portal will require two-factor authentication; a code will be sent to the email on file that must be entered before you can access your portal.

May I make premium payments or report claims on the portal?

No, the Portal is for document retrieval only. Please see your invoice for payment instructions. Claims should be reported directly to the insurance carrier.

Can more than one person at our practice have a log in?

The practice should consider who should be privy to the practice’s insurance information, as some documents contain sensitive information. Anyone in a practice can create a log-in, as long as their email is on file with MSVIA, however only the Primary Contact will receive notification of new documents.

We need to change (or update) our main username/log on. How do we delete/inactivate a user and add a new one?

If a user needs to be deleted or inactivated, or to update the Primary Contact, please send the information to us at customerservice@msvia.org or advise your MSVIA representative.

Accessing More than One Corporation 

We have policies under different names. Am I able to see them all at the same time?
From the home screen, click View Policy Documents or Request a Change to My Policy to go to a list of the names or corporate entities to which the user has access.
A list of the Insured Names will appear. The Client Portal recognizes the user as authorized to view these Insured Names. Click on a name to view the documents or policies associated with that Insured Name.
To know which Insured Name you are in, the name will show on the right side of the screen. Click the browser’s back button to navigate back to previous screens.