The Medical Society of Virginia, also known as the MSV, is a professional association with 10,000 members. Originally founded in December 1820, and incorporated in 1824, this organization is the only association representing all medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy, regardless of specialty or type of practice setting in Virginia.

Dedicated to Virginia’s physicians and their patients, the Medical Society of Virginia provides administrative, membership and legislative services to its members and produces weekly and monthly publications. The MSV serves as the liaison between local, national and specialty medical organizations.

The Medical Society of Virginia has been responsible for the creation of the State Board of Health, the State Board of Medical Examiners, the Board of Medicine and the MSV Review Organization (which has evolved into the Virginia Health Quality Center). Each of these now independent entities had their beginnings within the Medical Society of Virginia.

Today, the Medical Society of Virginia leads the way in advocating for patient protection in the current managed care environment and for access to health care for all Virginians and for the highest standards of quality for health care.