Single Payer System (PDF)

Submitted by Dr. Jay D. Brock

WHEREAS, the United States spends $3.5 Trillion annually on health care, of which approximately $500 Billion is spent to accommodate the health insurance industry, and

WHEREAS, that $500 Billion is more than enough to provide for the healthcare for all currently uninsured U.S. residents, and

WHEREAS, administrative costs for the current system accounts for 31% of our healthcare dollar, compared to 14% for the Single Payer Systems of other industrialized countries, which provide comparable care for an average of about half the cost while still allowing for levels of compensation to providers similar to that in this country, and

WHEREAS, the current system of health insurance is unnecessarily complex for patient and healthcare provider alike, resulting in severe financial difficulties for patients and expensive billing systems and uncompensated care for providers, and

WHEREAS, when for-profit insurance companies deny needed care to our patients and simultaneously enhance their ‘bottom line’ we believe it to be an irreconcilable conflict of interest, and

WHEREAS, the Affordable Care Act has failed to solve the underlying problems of the current system of health insurance, leaving tens of millions of Americans uninsured and many tens of millions more underinsured, and

WHEREAS, an appropriately structured Single Payer System would replace the current overly complicated payment system, and does NOT represent socialized medicine--where the government otherwise would own all the healthcare facilities and all healthcare workers would be employees of the government, and

WHEREAS, the United States already has a foundation for a nationally based system of health insurance in this country in the form of Medicare, and

WHEREAS, an “Improved Medicare for All/ Single Payer System” would solve many of the current health insurance problems in this country, such as Universal Coverage, access to all medically necessary care for patients and lower administrative costs and burdens to providers, and

WHEREAS, H.R. 676, the “Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act” introduced in the current Congress of the United States would replace the current unworkable health insurance system with such a Single Payer System, that can cover every US resident for all medically necessary care with first dollar coverage, with funding via payroll, income, and other progressive taxes that would mean 95% of American households will pay less for their healthcare than they do now, and

WHEREAS, we already spend enough money in the healthcare system to cover all US residents, we just do not spend it wisely, and

WHEREAS, the Hippocratic Oath puts the needs of our patients above all other needs, therefore be it

RESOLVED, the MSV amend by substitution policy 165.016 with the following language:

“MSV will support a national system of providing and financing a Single Payer System of health insurance that will:

  • Cover everyone, without copays or deductibles, for all medically necessary care, using a single large and efficient risk pool that does not penalize people based on age, illness, or disability; and where everyone contributes, based on payroll, income, and other progressive taxes;
  • Promote competition and preserve a patient's choice of physician or other health care provider, including hospital and other health care facilities;
  • Relieve businesses of all sizes from providing health insurance to their employees, thus removing the tie between an individual’s health insurance and their employment; and
  • Advance an efficient and provider-friendly administrative and reimbursement system”, and therefore be it further

RESOLVED, the MSV supports H.R. 676, the “Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act”, which proposes changing our health insurance payment system into an ‘Improved Medicare for All/Single Payer System’, and

RESOLVED, the MSV AMA delegation shall bring a resolution stating the same principles, and supporting H.R. 676, to the next annual conference of the American Medical Association for their approval.

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