Medicaid Reform for Adults Receiving Social Security Disability Income (PDF)

Submitted by Dr. John Paul Verderese on behalf of the American College of Physicians Virginia Chapter

WHEREAS, Medicaid is currently available in the state of Virginia only to disabled persons who do not exceed a combined household income threshold or possess other assets that would make them ineligible, and

WHEREAS, patients in Virginia who receive social security disability income (SSDI) can, in some cases, cause them to exceed the income eligibility threshold and render them ineligible for Medicaid, and

WHEREAS, the majority of states offer automatic Medicaid eligibility to disabled patients regardless of income source or threshold, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the MSV support automatically enrolling patients in Virginia on SSDI onto Medicaid.


An unintended consequence of this resolution may be that of creating an access issue for these patients.  Many physicians will not see Medicaid patients due to the low reimbursement rates.  A patient with adequate means who has another plan and is now automatically placed on Medicaid might lose their access to needed care.

Mitchell B. Miller, MD

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