Resolution 18-207

Submitted by: MSV Medical Student Section/ Jon Taylor-Fishwick

WHEREAS,       many hospitals partake in cost shifting by increasing chargemaster lists prices disproportionally compared to the rates reimbursed by insurance companies, and

WHEREAS,       uninsured patients in Virginia seeking emergent and non-emergent care are required to pay the chargemaster costs set by hospitals, and

WHEREAS,       in 2016, three in ten uninsured, nonelderly adults were reported to be paying off at least one medical bill with medical debt attributed to 52% of all debt collections and almost half of all U.S. bankruptcies1, and

WHEREAS,       the state of New Jersey has passed legislation requiring hospitals to charge uninsured patients no more than 115% the cost of Medicare payment rate for inpatient and  outpatient services2, therefore be it

RESOLVED,     the Medical Society of Virginia acknowledges the deleterious financial impact that cost shifting in hospitals can have on uninsured patients and support the development of a Medicare based fee-schedule for uninsured patients receiving inpatient and outpatient care.


2 Assembly Bill No. 2609 -

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