Resolution 18-303

Submitted by: MSV Medical Student Section

WHEREAS,   the number of fatal heroin and fentanyl overdoses in Virginia has steadily increased over the past 5 years, with an almost 6-fold total increase in number of deaths between 2011 to 20161.

WHEREAS,   President Trump and Governor Northam have declared the opioid crisis a Public Health Emergency2 3.

WHEREAS,   overdose education and naloxone distribution (OEND) programs implemented in Massachusetts, Baltimore, and New York resulted in decreased deaths from opioid overdose and were effective at improving knowledge and attitudes toward opioid overdose 4 5 6.

WHEREAS,   no current statewide educational resources or standardized curriculum exists within the Virginia Department of Education regarding the opioid epidemic7.

WHEREAS,   the AMA Opioid Task Force encourages physicians to “enhance education and training” and “help end the stigma” of opioids8.

RESOLVED, that the Medical Society of Virginia support the creation of statewide educational resources for Virginia public schools regarding the opioid crisis and opioid overdose.

RESOLVED, that the Medical Society of Virginia support Virginia public schools in establishing a curriculum to educate students on opioid overdose, including identifying symptoms of overdose, treating overdose, and providing support for victims of opioid abuse/overdose.


1 “Opioid Addiction.” Virginia Department of Health, 2018,



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