Resolution 18-204

Submitted by: Monroe G. Baldwin, Jr., M. D.

WHEREAS,       only physicians/doctors are responsible for healthcare delivery, and

WHEREAS,       physicians/doctors are licensed to deliver healthcare by our state, and

WHEREAS,       the Profession of Medicine/Medical Society of Virginia is a pillar of state society in search of a proper structure to carry out its responsibilities, and

WHEREAS,       today healthcare is delivered in a free-market economy stimulating the profit drive to pay for offices, family and retirement, and

WHEREAS,       doctors and hospitals move towards paying patients while the preponderance of illness is in the lower socioeconomic population.

WHEREAS,       the supply demand curve, automatically operational in a free market guarantees that within time prices(healthcare plans) will rise above the affordability of lower socioeconomic working people violating the profession of medicine's time honored custom to not ask more than a patient can pay, and

WHEREAS,       there are gross inequities in pay between specialties and primary care rendering it harder to draw people into primary care, the bedrock of medical delivery, and

WHEREAS,       the Medical Society of Virginia needs a statistical system to alert doctors on where the stand with regard to their peers on laboratory use, number of patients seen/day, progress in designated goals such as diminishing obesity, venereal disease, deaths before age 5, as well as comparing our state with other industrialized countries, and

WHEREAS,       an entity representing all doctors/physicians in the State of Virginia could collect funds from the federal government, State of Virginia, and commercial insurers; and pay the doctors appropriately, and place them in areas of medical need, therefore be it

RESOLVED,     that the Medical Society of Virginia study the makeup of our state government in order to present a plan for an entity managed by doctor/physicians to be responsible for healthcare, pay doctors/physicians appropriately, keep necessary statistics, and place doctors where they are needed.

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