Resolution 18-107

Submitted by: Hugh Bryan, MD

WHEREAS,    Policy 45.1.07 (Scope of Practice Position Statement) was adopted as policy by the House of Delegates in 2001, reaffirmed in 2001 and amended/reaffirmed in 2017, and

WHEREAS,    the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors had to violate this policy during negotiations with nurse practitioners in order to support HB793 as amended, and

WHEREAS,    HB 793 allows independent practice of nurse practitioners outside of a physician led patient care team, and

WHEREAS,    it is likely that the Board of Directors will face similar situations with other mid-level provider groups, and

WHEREAS,    the House of Delegates remains defined in the bylaws as the “policy making body of the Society”, and

WHEREAS,    the Board of Directors requires flexibility in dealing with these complex issues AND it should avoid violating MSV policy, therefore be it

RESOLVED,   that the House of Delegates rescind policy 45.1.07.

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