Resolution 18-312

Submitted by: Richmond Academy of Medicine

WHEREAS,       MSV Policy 145.003 expresses support for future laws and regulations relating to firearms which would promote trauma control and increased public safety, and

WHEREAS,       MSV Policy 515.001 opposes any type of domestic violence and supports the inclusion of educational material regarding resources, criminal laws, and prevention in government publications related to marriage and families, and

WHEREAS,       multiple analysis have demonstrated an inverse relationship between limits on firearm ownership and gun-related death rates, and

WHEREAS,       District of Columbia vs. Heller upheld the right of individual states to impose restrictions on gun ownership, therefore be it

RESOLVED,    that the Medical Society of Virginia will support uniform/universal background checks for gun sales.


Add "at gun shows".

That addition would serve to close the "gun show loophole" that is touted as a critical issue.

We do not want to restict transfers between relatives, gifts, inheritances, etc.

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