Resolution 18-102

Submitted by: Dr. Arthur Vayer Jr., Speaker and Dr. Alan Wynn, Vice-Speaker

WHEREAS,              the policy making procedure for implementation and utilization of the Policy Compendium of the Medical Society of Virginia was adopted by the Board in September 1992, and updated in 2001, and

WHEREAS,              the procedure requires that 10 years after the adoption of each policy action, the Speakers and MSV Staff will present to the House of Delegates a “Ten Year Policy Review Report,” encouraging appropriate consideration of each item, and that unless each such policy is acted upon by the subsequent House of Delegates, it will cease to be policy to the MSV and will be placed in the archives section of the Compendium, and

WHEREAS,              consideration by the House of Delegates to add, amend or archive additional policies prior to ten years after their adoption may be included in the review as deemed appropriate by the Speakers and MSV Staff, and

WHEREAS,              upon review, it is evident that some items in the Policy Compendium should be removed or revised based on their relevance or timeliness, therefore be it

RESOLVED,             that the Medical Society of Virginia adopt the recommendations in the enclosed report.       

Background Information: MSV Policy Compendium 10 Year Review

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