Resolution 18-309 

Submitted by: Richmond Academy of Medicine

WHEREAS,       MSV Policy 145.003 expresses support for future laws and regulations relating to firearms which would promote trauma control and increased public safety, and

WHEREAS,       the American Academy of Family Physicians, American College of Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and American Psychiatric Association on 2/16/18 renewed their call on government to act on the public health epidemic of gun violence including placing constitutionally appropriate restrictions on the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and large capacity magazines, and the American College of Surgeons on 2/28/18 reiterated their continued support of restrictions on assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition clips, and

WHEREAS,       District of Columbia vs. Heller upheld the right of individual states to impose restrictions on gun ownership, therefore be it

RESOLVED,    that the Medical Society of Virginia will support limits to the sale and ownership of bump stocks.


As bump stocks (when used correctly) can make a semi automatic rifle fire much more rapidly, approaching the fire rate of an automatic rifle, and this could be seen to violate at least the spirit of the firearms control act of 1934 (severely resticting ownership of automatic weapons), limiting sale of bump stocks is quite reasonable.

However, dealing with restricting ownership is where we get into trouble.  Resticting ownership would require voluntary surrender (unlikely), buybacks (where's the $$), or confiscation (obvious trouble there).

I thus recommend amending the resolution by striking "the sale and" from the resolved.

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