Resolution 18-308

Submitted by: Richmond Academy of Medicine

WHEREAS,       MSV Policy 40.9.02 expresses support for future laws and regulations relating to firearms which would promote trauma control and increased public safety, and

WHEREAS,       MSV policy 40.9.05 supports gun violence restraining orders as a mechanism to decrease gun related suicides and homicides.

WHEREAS,       research indicates that states that restricted access to firearms by abusers under restraining orders saw an 8% decrease in intimate partner homicides (Vigdor, et al), and

WHEREAS,       MSV Policy 40.23.01 opposes any type of domestic violence and supports the inclusion of educational material regarding resources, criminal laws, and prevention in government publications related to marriage and families, and

WHEREAS,       in the 2018 Virginia General Assembly session, SB 732 as introduced would prohibit “a person who has been convicted of stalking, sexual battery, assault and battery of a family or household member, brandishing a firearm, or two or more convictions of assault and battery from possessing or transporting a firearm” but this bill was passed by indefinitely, and

WHEREAS,       research indicates that individuals with prior misdemeanor convictions are at greater risk of future violence and firearm-related crimes (Wintemute, et al), and

WHEREAS,       District of Columbia vs. Heller upheld the right of individual states to impose restrictions on gun ownership, therefore be it

RESOLVED,    that the Medical Society of Virginia reaffirm policy 40.9.05; and furthermore be it

RESOLVED,    that the Medical Society of Virginia support prohibiting gun ownership by individuals convicted of prior violent misdemeanors; and furthermore be it

RESOLVED,     that the Medical Society of Virginia oppose requiring reciprocal concealed carry permits in Virginia.


With reagrds to the resolved clauses:

1) It is a bit superfluous to reaffirm a policy that was added 12 months ago.

2) Excellent idea, backed up with data, supported by current policy.

3) Oops, we went off on a tangent here with reciprocal concealed carry.  This issue has nothing to do with the whereas issues presented.  There is no data to suggest that this is an issue of safety for Virginians.  This resolved clause I do not support.

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