Resolution 18-305

Submitted by: MSV Medical Student Section

WHEREAS,       the FDA recommends the use of drug take-back programs to safely dispose of Medications1, and

WHEREAS,       drug take-back programs are sanctioned by the DEA, including but not limited to take-back by law enforcement or any registrant authorized by the Administration2,3, and

WHEREAS,       the DEA notes the presence of unused prescription as a public safety issue with the potential for accidental poisoning, misuse, and overdose4, and

WHEREAS,       the DEA recognizes the potential of proper disposal of unused drugs to save lives and protect the environment4, and

WHEREAS,       in 2015, 6.4 million Americans were reported to have abused controlled prescription drugs with the majority (53.7% of pain reliever misuse) coming from family and friends5, and

WHEREAS,       given the current opioid crisis, the importance of safe disposal of medication is greater than ever, however Virginia currently only has a single state sponsored Drug Take-Back Day4, and

WHEREAS,       many cities do not have a drug takeback location within a 30 miles radius6, and

WHEREAS,       Virginia currently relies heavily on private pharmacies and corporations to supply a year-round drug take-back option6, therefore be it

RESOLVED,     that the Medical Society of Virginia supports the expansion of Drug Take-Back programs, as well as increasing public awareness about the availability of such programs statewide.


If, as stated, private pharmacies provide the bulk of year round drug take-back options, is there any evidence that this is insufficient? Why spend more money if what is present already is adequate. Perhaps simply running a campaign of increased awareness might be sufficient.

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