Resolution 18-209

Submitted by: Richmond Academy of Medicine

WHEREAS,       the Federal government has sought to undermine the Affordable Care Act by eliminating the individual mandate, refusing to support the cost sharing reduction payments, withdrawing funds for promotion of the Health Insurance Exchange, as well as limited the open enrollment period, and

WHEREAS,       all of these factors have caused instability in the individual and small group marketplace for healthcare insurance, and

WHEREAS,       this has contributed to rising premiums and withdrawal of insurance carriers from this market, and

WHEREAS,       there has been bipartisan support in the US Congress for establishment of a reinsurance program to help with this situation, and

WHEREAS,       several other states, most recently Maryland, have successfully passed legislation to help improve the individual and small group marketplace. They have also sought to bring back the individual mandate at the state level and have restricted the use of non-ACA compliant or short-term insurance policies, therefore be it

RESOLVED,     that the Medical Society of Virginia work to bring additional insurance carriers into the individual and small group marketplace, in addition to creating a more favorable environment for lower premiums and coverage of persons with costly medical issues.


The rising premiums and withdrawal of insurance companies from the market began well before the individual mandate was removed. Thus, to use this reasoning as an excuse to infuse an already broken system with more money, is illogical. The current utilization of medical services under the ACA far exceeds that which was anticipated and will not be helped even if the individual mandate was reinstated at the national level. Also removing the freedom for patients to chose a health insurance plan according to their needs is one of the reasons why the cost rose from the onset of the ACA.

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