Help the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) shape its position on key issues of importance to physicians by submitting a resolution for consideration by the MSV House of Delegates (HOD). Each year, your resolutions help establish policies to guide the society.

Resolutions may be submitted by: 

any member of MSV

any component society

any component student section

any component resident physician section

the hospital medical staff section

any specialty society

Why should I submit a resolution?
The resolution process gives you the opportunity to be heard. Participation in this process is critical to ensuring that MSV continues to play an important role in advocating for the profession—and helps MSV stay relevant and effective for members.

How do I submit a resolution?
Resolutions should be submitted using the online submission form. If you are new to the resolution process, MSV provides an instructional memorandum and sample resolution to assist you in structuring your resolution. Please reference the MSV objectives and strategies  and the MSV policy compendium  when preparing your resolution. Receipt of resolutions will be confirmed by return e-mail message. If you do not receive a confirmation, please check to ensure your resolution has been received.

What happens if I miss the resolution deadline?
Resolutions received after Sept. 8 annually will be deemed late resolutions. Late resolutions will be considered by the rules committee, which will recommend for or against the consideration of individual late resolutions by the MSV House of Delegates. A component or specialty society whose latest meeting occurs after Sept. 8 is allowed seven days after the close of such meeting to submit any resolution. Please notify MSV staff immediately at healthpolicy@ if this is the case for your organization.

I can’t attend the Annual Meeting— can I still participate in the dialogue?
Members who are unable to attend the annual meeting can still participate. MSV will post resolutions to the Annual Meeting web page for virtual comment. We invite you to state your position on resolutions and share your insights in this members-only forum. The comment area will be open after the resolution submission deadline on Sept. 16 and will close on Oct. 16. Contact MSV policy staff at or 800 | 746- 6768 with any questions.