Submitted by the Richmond Academy of Medicine

WHEREAS, there have been significant advances in radiologic imaging which have greatly enhanced our ability to diagnose and monitor disease, and 

WHEREAS, these imaging modalities are widely available and widely used, and

WHEREAS, there are safety concerns, particularly the 600% increase in medical radiation exposure in the US since 1980 (according to American Cancer Society), and 

WHEREAS, most of this increase is from these diagnostic procedures, and 

WHEREAS, ionizing radiation is clearly linked to human carcinogenesis and the risk has a definite relationship to accumulated dosage, and 

WHEREAS, alerting our patient population to these safety concerns may be more successful than our earlier attempts to alert Virginia Physicians through MSV electronic communications that had limited impact on the possible overuse and duplication of such studies, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the MSV encourage and facilitate the voluntary distribution of information from the American College of Radiology on radiation safety concerns to patients in radiology waiting areas in Virginia using educational brochures similar to or the same as those now being employed by the VCU Health System.

Contact:    Lara W. Knowles
Phone:        (804) 622-8137

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