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Your generosity is making a difference to our Virginia communities by making sure changes in healthcare are for the better. The Medical Society of Virginia Foundation works to improve awareness, find solutions and change lives.

2020 marks the 200th anniversary of the Medical Society of Virginia and the 35th anniversary of the Foundation. Your gift makes an impact today and tomorrow.

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Visionaries: $1,000 - $2,499

Dr. Kurtis Scott Elward
Dr. Thomas W. Eppes - Recurring Monthly
Dr. Richard M. Hamrick
Dr. Russell C. Libby
Dr. Raymond L. McCue
Dr. Patricia Ann Pletke
Ms. Kathleen  Scarbalis
Dr. Carol S. Shapiro Morgan
Ms. Heidi S. Veltman

Innovators: $500 - $999

Dr. Varun  Choudhary
Dr. George Willett Cornell
Dr. Clifford L. Deal, III
Dr. Jacqueline Mary Fogarty
Dr. Clarence A. Holland
Dr. Steven Jamarey Lewis
Dr. Jose Manuel Morey
Dr. Michele Anne Nedelka - Recurring Monthly
Dr. Bhushan H. Pandya
Dr. William E. Prominski
Dr. Tovia Martirosian Smith
Dr. Richard Alexander Szucs
Dr. Mark David Townsend
Dr. Arthur J. Vayer
Dr. Alan Howard Wynn
Dr. Peter A. Zedler

Groundbreakers: $100 - $499

Dr. Michael Samuel Amster
Dr. Joel Thomas Bundy
Dr. Samuel D. Caughron
Dr. Sandy Lee Chung - Recurring Annually
Dr. Boyd M. Clements
Dr. Paul Thomas Elder
Dr. Lisa Shea Kennedy
Dr. Dhara Jayesh Kinariwala
Dr. John W. Knarr
Dr. Quinn Kerr Lippmann
Dr. Stuart F. Mackler
Dr. Atul Vasant Marathe
Dr. Larry Gilmer Mitchell
Dr. Lawrence Keith Monahan
Dr. Mohit  Nanda
Dr. Edilberto Olarte Pelausa
Dr. Pradeep K. Pradhan
Dr. Moira Anne Rafferty
Dr. Frederick  Rahal
Dr. Timothy Lee Raines
Dr. Sterling N. Ransone, Jr.
Dr. William C. Reha
Dr. Karen S. Rheuban
Dr. Cynthia C. Romero
Ms. Kathleen  Scarbalis
Dr. Carol S. Shapiro Morgan
Dr. Philip Scott Smith

Pioneers: $0 - $99

Dr. Lilia G. Butler
Dr. Andrew J. Chmiel
Dr. Francis Joseph Duckwall
Dr. Fern R. Hauck
Dr. Stanley P. Mayers
Dr. William J. McAveney
Dr. Kenneth  Olshansky
Dr. Lee  Ouyang
Dr. William Edwin Reish
Ms. Suzanne R. Welsh-Agnew