What is evolve?
evolve™ is a unique program designed to provide clinical teams with the leadership, business and innovation skills needed to be successful and sustainable in today’s changing health care environment. The program encourages pairings between a physician and another clinical partner. To complete the learning, participants apply the evolve™ curricula to a population health project of their choosing, sharing the project and learnings at the final session.

How does it work?
Classic evolve™ is open to clinical teams from across Virginia. Participants meet in four in-person learning labs over a span of four to five months featuring nationally renowned faculty. The learning labs each focus on one of evolve’s core themes: leadership, innovation and human-centeredness. evolve™ also features an online learning environment where cohort members interact with discussions around readings, videos and course materials. Health care policies and trends related to population health, health reform and accountable care are woven throughout the program.