Healthy Virginia is:
A statewide, branded movement being organized by the Medical Society of Virginia Foundation (MSVF) to educate and motivate Virginians toward healthy living. As the healthcare landscape shifts from focusing on illness to focusing on creating a healthier population, physicians are changing the conversations with patients. This movement cannot be done without the key role of physicians to drive positive change for their patients and serve as the rightful owners to define health.

How is the movement being defined?
Healthy Virginia aims to deepen the relationship between physicians and patients so that physicians are the obvious resource to identify and define health for both individual patients and the broader population. Healthy Virginia will define and capture what health looks like while equipping physicians to communicate healthy habits, behaviors and activities and to promote healthy living and wellness in families, the workplace and throughout the commonwealth. 

Where does Healthy Virginia currently stand?
MSVF has begun rigorous research on this important endeavor and is currently seeking investments to:

  • fund the research,
  • investigate the communication opportunities,
  • allocate personnel and resources and
  • develop the tools to launch pilot projects across the state.

Early investors will gain valuable insights and visibility, being recognized for the impact of collaboration via pilot programs and toward advancement of innovative strategies, events and technology shaping health care policies.

Where is Healthy Virginia heading?

Healthy Virginia is being developed in two phases. The first phase is development and launch of what will be an informative movement about health in Virginia, anchored by a resource library dedicated to the health of Virginians, with content curated and created by the medical experts of MSV.

In phase two, Healthy Virginia will seek opportunities to utilize innovative technology to drive integration of patient information and tracking, a health information exchange, a phone app and much more.

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