Collaborative Leadership for Healthier Communities

evolve™ Public Health is an action learning program designed to help public health professionals apply collaborative leadership strategies to build clinical community partnerships for creating effective care models. It is also a strategic initiative for advancing the vision of Public Health 3.0, a national initiative to create a 21st century public health infrastructure.

evolve™ Public Health is designed to help participants accomplish four learning goals. 

  1. Apply the vision of Public Health 3.0 as a framework for organizational learning and community partnership.
  2. Apply fundamentals of collaborative leadership in developing community relationships.
  3. Develop strategic partnerships with clinical and community organizations.
  4. Design effective community care models based on promising practices in the field.

“In my 20+ years of public health work and training, I have seldom ended a day with feelings of such gratitude to the presenters and the organizers. Not only was the quality of content top notch, but the atmosphere of collegiality and generosity created at the start was so conducive to sharing and learning.”