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Title of Proposal:

Medicaid reform for adults receiving social security disability income

On behalf of:       

American College of Physicians, Virginia Chapter

Describe the Idea or Issue:

In the state of Virginia, Medicaid is currently available to disabled persons provided that they do not exceed a combined household income threshold or possess other assets that would make them ineligible. The disabled are in most cases unable to work at all or may not have spousal/family financial support, and are often reliant on social security disability (SSDI) as their sole source of income. Accepting SSDI in certain cases can render the recipient to be be over income and thus ineligible for Medicaid and often leaving them without health coverage for 2 years when they become eligible for Medicare. SSDI provides at best a modest income that covers basic necessities (food, shelter, and transpiration) and certainly does not provide enough to also purchase medical insurance. The majority of states currently offer automatic eligibility for disabled regardless of income source.

Desired Outcome:

SSDI income as sole source of income for a disabled individual should not render one "over income" and ineligible for Medicaid.

Background/Supporting Information:

Additional background materials in appendix.


I think this should be looked at individually and not via blanket codes/rules.


i do NOT support this proposal.


Rick Lee MD


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