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WHEREAS,      the proposed Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the US Constitution, which would guarantee that in American Law American Women would be recognized as being equal to American Men, and

WHEREAS,      this policy has languished in political limbo for over 100 years due to inaction by State legislatures and the US Congress, along with active suppression by conservative groups, and

WHEREAS,      thirty-seven (37) American states have now ratified the ERA with only one (1) more state  needed to allow the ERA to qualify for this Amendment to the US Constitution (38 states are needed), and

WHEREAS,       with the upcoming Virginia election which will encompass the entire legislature, there is a greater chance that the ERA will be ratified in Virginia and Virginia can make history by becoming that thirty-eight (38th) state, and

WHEREAS,      Virginia has consistently opposed the ERA until last year when the House of Delegates voted for it, but it was then sent to committee by the Virginia Senate, and

 WHEREAS,      Support for the ERA by the House of Medicine/MSV can be a strong influence on the Virginia Legislature to finally recognize Women as being equal to Men in Virginia by ratifying the ERA, therefore be it

RESOLVED,     that the House of Delegates of the Medical Society of Virginia support the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and encourage our friends in the Virginia Legislature to ratify such amendment to the US Constitution as the thirty-eight (38th) state, finally guaranteeing under American Law the inalienable equality of Women and Men.

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  1. Brian N. Kilpatrick, MD
    Brian N. Kilpatrick, MD says:


    I’m not sure this is a medical issue that needs to be dealt with in a medical forum.  Perhaps if people feel strongly about this, there are other avenues that could be pursued.

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