Do you have an idea that can advance health care in Virginia? Are you facing an issue that affects the practice of medicine? Join us at the MSV Advocacy Summit!

The MSV Advocacy Summit is an opportunity for all physicians to propose ideas for MSV’s advocacy efforts, including MSV’s legislative agenda. Unlike the MSV House of Delegates Resolution process, the Advocacy Summit is an opportunity for members to draw attention to one of the many issues facing the medical community today, and propose a way for the MSV to get involved. Where Resolutions aim to change the MSV policy compendium that govern our action, a Proposal allows members to reflect on those policies and create a plan of advocacy action. 

Check back soon for the 2022 Advocacy Summit dates and information.

Who can attend the Advocacy Summit?

Physicians, PAs, medical students, as well as local and specialty societies are invited to submit proposals and participate in the Advocacy Summit. The deadline to register for the Summit is midnight on Monday, June 14th, 2021 to ensure all registrants receive login credentials and materials in a timely manner prior to the event. If you are interested in joining the Summit and were not able to register, contact a member of our team at
Proposals will be reviewed and considered by MSV’s Specialty Advisory Council, Advocacy Committee and Board of Directors for further review. After the Summit, proposals will be posted on the MSV website for virtual commenting and feedback. 

The MSV staff is here to help! For questions, please contact our Government Affairs Manager Kelsey Wilkinson at or (804) 377-1036.