Physicians are best equipped to practice medicine, independently and leading a care team, because of their extensive education and training. Mid-level provider specialties have presented and passed legislation to gain more independence to provide care in Virginia and nationwide. MSV believes that physician-led, team-based care is best for patients.

Autonomous Practice for Nurse Practitioners

The Boards of Medicine and Nursing are finalizing regulations to implement HB793 (Chapter 776 of 2018 General Assembly), legislation to authorize nurse practitioners who meet certain qualifications to practice without a practice agreement with a patient care team physician. 

DMS for Physician Assistants

In 2018, MSV opposed and defeated legislation that would have created a new Doctor of Medical Science (DMS) license which would establish an advanced level of physician assistants.

Optometrists Performing Eye Surgery

In 2018, MSV opposed and prevented an optometry scope bill that would have allowed optometrists to perform surgical procedures.

Get Involved

The implementation of HB793 is currently underway. There have been two public comment periods for the proposed draft of the regulations that are now under review by the Joint Boards.

If the Board of Nursing and Board of Medicine do not agree on the same regulations at their two meetings, the Board of Nursing will hold another meeting in September and the Board of Medicine will hold another meeting in October to reach an agreement. 

Once both act on identical emergency regulations there are no more public comment periods and they move to the Attorney General then to the Department of Planning of Budget then to Secretary Dan Carey and finally to Governor Ralph Northam.  Once they are approved, they become permanent regulations and replace the emergency regulations. 

Updates will be posted here during this process.