Get Connected with Virginia’s Health Care Community
Whether you’re looking to build your business, offer relevant products or services, promote job listings or want to connect and share content with our members, we can put you in front nearly 10,000 physicians, physician assistants, residents and medical students our members-one of the largest networks of Virginia’s health care community. Additionally, our established relationships with academic medical centers, health systems, health leaders, and local societies are an extended way for you to connect.

Target Your Audience with Segmentation
Through continual analysis and testing, we have developed a strategic and sophisticated approach to fully understand our community’s interests, behaviors and engagement. Our advanced segmentation allows us to define specialties, regions, pratice or group size, health care business type and contacts by role and title. We have the ability to reach a large audience or a specific sub-set to meet your needs. 

Ways to Connect with Your Audience
You can choose from individual print and digital advertising insertions or build the experience of a fully integrated marketing campaign. Our digital marketing team is equipped to execute an off-the shelf package or customize a campaign strategy with a mix of print, digital, web, email communications, public relations, events and sponsorships. By using advanced marketing operations and IT platforms and the expertise our team, we deliver more than just a placement – we will automate and deliver results, data analytics, reporting and consulting.

Things We Love
We welcome thought leadership content, webinars, video content, events, special offers/discounts and business development opportunities that would add value to membership and the Virginia health care community. Our Director of Marketing would love to hear from you to provide advice and guidance on how we can best meet your outreach goals.

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