DOC Rx Relief helps Virginians without prescription insurance get the medications they need for free.

Our Patient Advocate helps the patient and the referring practice navigate the complicated process of applying to the patient assistance programs (PAPs), benefitting both patients and private physician practices. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is eligible? 

As a general rule, PAPs limit eligible patients to those at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) who do not have prescription drug coverage. However, some programs provide drugs to patients up to 400 percent of the FPL and others allow patients with Medicare Part D coverage to also apply for prescriptions. 

How does the process work? 

Practice staff identify eligible patients for the program OR a patient self-identifies for the program.

Patient works with the advocate to complete the registration form, gather income eligibility forms and other documentation as needed. The completed PAP application is faxed to the practice for the physician’s signature.

The practice faxes or mails the completed application and applicable prescriptions to the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

After 6-8 weeks, the medications are mailed to the practice or the patient, depending upon the pharmaceutical company’s guidelines and practice’s preference.

Can this process be customized to fit the operations of my practice? 

Absolutely! This program is designed to relieve the stress on the practice to meet the prescription needs of the patients. It is our goal that this program benefits both your patients and your staff, and that the process fit neatly into your practice’s current operating procedures. 

What are the benefits to my practice?

Allows your practice to provide a valuable service to your patients without prescription insurance, enabling them to follow their plan of care and increasing adherence and the DocRX program saves your office and nursing staff valuable time

How do I get involved? 

To enroll your practice in this program, please contact: 

Katherine Carmon 
Patient Advocate, DOC Rx Relief 
804 | 377-1005 
866 | 796-6691 
804 | 377-1056 - fax 

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