MSV has long-lasting and established relationships with the academic medical centers, health systems, health leaders, and local and specialty societies. As an MSV member, you can expand your network of fellow physicians and health care professionals to create meaningful connections.

  • Foundation
    MSVF equips physicians with the tools and resources they need to best serve themselves, their patients and the community at large – through physician leadership development programs like SYNC and evolve, health care workforce and wellness and health care quality improvement efforts. 
  • Healthy VA
    Healthy Virginia is a movement and brand – a state seal defining health for Virginia. It’s an initiative powered by MSVF to recognize the shift to an all-encompassing health care realm and highlight the importance of having the shift be led by physicians. 
  • Board of Medicine
    One way that MSV helps physicians influence health care in Virginia is by nominating them to serve on state boards, task forces and commissions. MSV has a successful track record of nominating candidates who are then appointed to boards and task forces. 
  • Insurance Agency
    As a source of non-dues revenue for MSV, MSVIA receives commissions from various insurance companies where business is placed and uses these commissions to generate profits that are sent to MSV. These profits go back to you, Virginia physicians, to be used in legislative efforts, practice management support and other issues. 
  • Political Action Committee
    MSVPAC further strengthens MSV’s advocacy by providing financial support to physician-friendly legislators and to the decision makers in Virginia’s government. A strong PAC is a critical tool in maintaining a legislative climate that is favorable to physicians and patients.