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Medicare eRx penalty exemption due Nov. 1

6 October 2011

The deadline to apply for the Medicare ePrescribing (eRx) payment adjustment is Nov. 1. Physicians who were unable to meet the Medicare eRx program’s requirements can click here to apply for a hardship exemption to avoid monetary penalties in 2012. The program required physicians to issue and report at least 10 electronic scripts during the first six months of 2011 to avoid a penalty that reduces their 2012 Medicare payments by 1 percent.

Physicians may file an exemption if:
  • Their practice is located in a rural area without high-speed internet access.
  • Their practice is located in an area without sufficient available pharmacies for ePrescribing.
  • They are registered to participate in the Medicare or Medicaid electronic health record (EHR) incentive program and they adopted certified EHR technology by Oct. 1, prior to requesting an exemption.
  • They are unable to ePrescribe because of local, state or federal laws or regulations.
  • They do not prescribe on a regular basis.
  • There were too few opportunities for them to report the ePrescribing measure because of limitations of the measure's denominator.

Visit the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services eRx incentive program Web site for additional information.

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